Here’s The Kid Who’s Never Tried Sugar In Her Life

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Ever wonder what a completely different lifestyle you would be leading had you never ingested sugar your entire life? We’re not talking about fructose from natural fruits but rather sugar typically found in processed food, like candies and juices. How would your childhood have turned out without all those birthday parties filled with blowing candles from your cake, trick or treating in costume without getting candies, or no Christmas chocolate in your stockings?

It is widely accepted in society to relate children and sugar.  Aren’t sweets used as a treat for special occasions, or if you want your child to be obedient – you bribe them with some candy. Come on, it’s okay to admit it. We’ve all done it! Kids love sugar, as we did when we were their age! But one question comes to mind.. Is it good for them?


With further research development, it is becoming clearer that sugar is extremely addictive and it could have potentially damaging effects in the future. Thankfully, people have become more conscious of what they ingest and started making mindful choices regarding the diets.  After all, we only have one body and we should take care of it!

Meet fitness fanatic, Shan Cooper, who has never fed her two and a half-year-old daughter Grace a single gram of processed sugar in her life.  Cooper suffered from numerous food allergies ever since, and that’s what inspired her to redesign their mother and daughter diet.


Their healthy regimen completely cuts out grains, dairy and anything processed.  Basically, if our ancestors couldn’t have ‘scavenged or hunted for it,’ then those types of food are not allowed.  This is called the Paleo diet, and Grace has been on this since birth. Cooper affirms that this is the reason as to why Grace has only ever had one cold in her life, despite playing with other children with runny noses.

Cooper has ascertained that she will not force a strict diet on Grace, and that when she is old enough, she can choose whatever she wants to eat.  She just wants Grace to have a solid foundation for her health. Sounds pretty reasonable, after all – monkey see, monkey do.


Children adapt to their healthy lifestyle from home, and who better way to teach them to be healthy if not their parents? If parents don’t build these habits, then it will be difficult for their children to grow up disease-free. Most diseases are genetic, therefore starting them young to realize the importance of health is definitely the way to go.

How about you?  Are you ready to cut out sugar in your life?