How To Be A Part Of Your Best Friend’s Kid’s Life

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What a child needs more than a parent is an adult who understands their quirky side and encourages them to be unapologetically themselves. That means making a safe place for them in the form of a parental figure. Now here is what you can do if your best friend has an offspring or has a baby on its way.

1. Be a support to the parent.

After having kids, the couple usually doesn’t get enough time together or if they just had a baby then their whole life is in chaos during the first few months. So just be there. Try to take food for them or offer to babysit the child, help the couple in house chores. This will make the parents trust you with their child in the future and will be a great starting point towards a new friendship.

2. Spend time with the child.

Now to build any relation we must invest time in it, similarly, when you start making time for your nephew then he/she will grow attached to you and look forward to seeing you again.

3. Take the kid out to play.

The coolest person in an adolescent’s life is the one who takes them out for ice-cream or a stroll in the park or for riding those merry go rounds. Be that person, take them out for such activities and they are going to love you.


4. Throw them parties

Every child dreams of theme parties and extravagant birthdays. All you got to do is throw them surprise theme parties of their favorite cartoon characters and invite their friends over.

5. Be there for them but also look out for them.

Being the loveable adult means having the tot’s back but it also means to protect them from any sort of harm, therefore as soon as the transition to the teenage phase occurs start looking out for them. Several phone tracker apps ensure safety from the internet such as FamiSafe that can be installed to keep an eye.

6. Be their counselor

Teenagers go through a lot of trouble in their life. The puberty, hormonal changes, and peer pressure, all crush them and sadly the parent sometimes cannot understand the teen or they feel uncomfortable sharing information about themselves with their parents. Here is when you come to play, if you have a strong and smooth relation with the kid then he/she might be able to share the important feelings that he/she isn’t able to do so with others.

7. Be the mediator

Be the voice of reason in a feud between the parent and their child. Be the mediator and help them sort things out and understand each other. Evaluate the situation and see who needs to understand being on the wrong or right side.


8. Be their role model

Now this here is very tricky because you have to be the person who is just and wise. Therefore, whatever you do in front of the youngsters, be mindful that they will pick on that, so do those deeds that you want them to learn for their betterment.

The above ways will ensure that you are going to be an amazing person in your friend’s kid’s life and would be their guardian angel for the rest of their life.