Drunk Driver Wakes Up From 10-Year Coma And Finds Out It’s All An Elaborate Prank

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drunk driver coma prank tom mabe

What do you do to provide a wake up call for a close friend who is a severe alcoholic and often drives intoxicated? You make him think he’s been in coma for 10-years, that’s what.

That is exactly what happened when Youtube star Tom Mabe pranked his out of control friend ‘Ray’ after Ray’s 5th OUI conviction.

One night, Tom watched his pal get super drunk, per usual. From there, he took him to a fake hospital bed and hired actors to serve as the fake medical staff.

Ray was then told that he had been in a ten year coma and that his drinking had cost him a whole decade of his life. A television report had been made by another friend that that played in the fake hospital room, causing Ray to truly believe he’s been out for that long.

drunk driver coma prank tom mabe

Ray didn’t have any clue where his family was or what happened. Ray was in complete shock.

After the prank was revealed to Ray, it served as a serious eye opener. Ray made changes and his life his now on a better path.

Drinking excessively is one thing, drinking heavily and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle is another. You risk taking the lives of innocent people, or your own. It’s never worth it. If you are too intoxicated to drive, there are always other safe options for you to get home.