Fun & Easy Ways To Make Extra Money

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Extra money is always welcome, no matter if you’re a student, recent graduate or just a regularly employed worker fighting to stand out. However, there is no need to pick up an extra shift at your regular job or go back to babysitting the boring kid down the street.

Online sites, chat rooms and all kinds of services have allowed people to work and earn great money from the comfort of their own home. There are job opportunities for outdoor activities as well, but with convenience as a major factor, we have selected the following ways:

  • Online surveys

Many companies find it easier (and cheaper) to release a survey online when trying to gather statistical data about customer satisfaction, product quality and other characteristics. Instead of hiring a research company, you as the end user can provide them with your feedback. Most platforms offering such surveys are free to sign up, and usually transfer your fee per completion.

  • Online gaming

If you feel like there is no match for your mad skills in any of the games popular nowadays, you can feel free to offer them to other people. You could help them pass a level or beat the boss they haven’t been able to, or even teach them about some joystick and control techniques you use for this purpose. If cards are your game, there is no lack of sites where you can use your online blackjack skills and poker bluffs to your profit.

  • Mobile phone recycling

For those of you who don’t like sitting by the computer making money, there is always a chance you might find something valuable in the storage closet or the attic. Look for your old mobile phones or ask your parents, grandparents and siblings about theirs. Just get them recycled and enjoy the double gains – a cleaner environment and some easy cash.

  • Delivery service

Ecommerce platforms are growing and developing, with new sites turning up on a daily basis. While most of them only serve to allow individual sellers to post their products, there are companies that sell their products this way but cannot cover the ordering area. If you own a bike, motorcycle or even a car and are willing to go the distance, delivery can be a fun and profitable job, and a free workout at times.

  • Cashback

Nowadays, there are special services that give you cashback for shopping with them. Namely, once you pay for everything you bought, you just hand them the cashback credit card, per say, and they give you back a certain percentage of the money you are supposed to pay. Although this can be as little as a single dollar note in the beginning, cashback percentage can increase pretty fast.

  • Trade domain names

Get creative and buy the domain – the website address – to the next trend. These are extremely cheap at first, but if you manage to hit a growing company name, there might be a serious payout for you, just for the domain name.