5 Awesome Golf Gadgets That Can Boost Your Skills

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Golf Simulator

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice, intermediate, or a pro. If you’re serious about your golf game, you’re probably trying to find ways to improve it. The issue is that not everybody has the time or luxury of spending hours with an instructor or on the links practicing their game. And, even if you do, there are still times when you can hit a plateau. Thankfully, there are tons of tools and gadgets that you can use to improve your game. Let’s take a look at a few awesome golf gadgets that can boost your skills.

Golf Simulator

If you want to improve your drive from the comfort of your home safely, then you need to invest in a golf simulator. Here, there are many options that you could go for. You could go for a full setup with a launch monitor with golf simulation, or a simulator with a simulation screen, a golf mat, a tablet or laptop to run the software, and a projector. Another option is to pick up a launch monitor with a net and watch the progression of the ball on a separate screen like a TV or a computer screen.

As far as brands go, SkyTrak is a popular choice. They are one of the most well-known brands in the business and their simulators are as close to the real thing as you can get, so it’s hard to go wrong with those.

A Golf Watch

We would also suggest that you consider investing in a golf watch. This will allow you to do things like keep tabs on your score, but also record distances and locations on drives. A good watch will also give you inside information on some courses. If you’re looking for a good one, Garmin has a nice selection of GPS golf smartwatches that you can consider.

Swing Analyzer

You can always try to work with an instructor for your swing, but you may not mesh, or they might have their own philosophies. Some may be harsh to you for no reason and give you tons of irrelevant advice. However, with a 3D swing analyzer, you will get nothing but facts. These can analyze your swing through laser technology. All you have to do is step back and do a few swings and let the tool give you a full analysis of your swing along with constructive advice through the device of your choice.

A Putting Green

You also need to get yourself a putting green if this is a part of your game you’re trying to improve. You need to find a good putting green that can really replicate the real-life experience. We suggest you look at the Birdieball Putting Green. It replicates the feel, roll, and touch of grass perfectly and allows you to build your own using different gradients. It also has multiple holes so you can try different putts.

Pocket Bunker

You may have laughed when you first saw one of these things, but many players swear by them. If you don’t know what they are, pocket bunkers look like a ball with a 4-legged tee attached to it. This elevates the ball to simulate bunker play. You can practice with this ball and correct your swing for when you’re stuck in a bunker from wherever you are.

So, if you want to impress your buddies and take a few strokes off your game quickly, we suggest you give all of these gadgets a try. They will help you work on every aspect of your game and they’re all very convenient.