25 Sultry Photos Of Sophie Horn, The Most Gorgeous Golfer In The World

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Awesome Jelly

Voted “The World’s Sexiest Golfer,” British babe Sophie Horn is a girl of many talents. A perfect combination of talent, beauty, and personality has allowed the London-based golfer to parlay her assets and success in the golf course to become a successful model, television personality, magazine columnist, personal trainer, and brand ambassador. Don’t let the pretty face and long legs lull you into thinking that she is just another blonde model posing with a golf club, as she has legitimate skills with a number of championships under her belt. She didn’t make the jump to the pros (yet) but that hasn’t stopped her from taking over the golf world, including men’s fantasies.
You haven’t heard of her? Well, this is your lucky day as here is everything to know about the sexy golfer, as well as some of the hottest pictures we’re sure is going to make you ask for more.