7 Safety Tips you should Know Before Entering in Construction Site

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In the construction sector, safety is a paramount issue, yet one of the most overlooked aspects. Everyone who enters a construction site should be well aware of the tens of risks that can easily lead to serious bodily injury. Before entering a construction site, whether for inspection purposes or as a construction worker, it is important to be aware of the safety measures that should be adhered to. Construction safety experts have come up with mitigative measures against all possible construction site risks. Here is an overview of seven key tips that you should know of before entering a construction site.


1. Use personal protective equipment

Every construction site is riddled with serious safety hazards that can cause bodily injury. To be on the safe side, you should put on the necessary personal protective equipment. A basic personal protective equipment for a construction site worker or visitor is composed of a helmet designed to protect the head against falling objects and hand gloves designed to cushion them against possible injuries when touching rugged construction material and equipment. Other safety equipment includes safety harnesses, especially in cases where the site is situated in a place where the risk of falling is high.


2. Communicating your presence

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When entering any construction site, it is highly advisable to ensure that everyone is well aware of your presence. In most cases, a construction site coordinator is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that everyone in the site is well-dressed and coordinating in tandem with the safety regulations. There are two ways of communicating your presence in a construction site. Firstly, you should register your presence by signing a construction site book. Secondly, you should ensure that you are appropriately dressed in attire, such as a reflective jacket that makes you easily visible and noticeable by others.


3. Stay away from machines and equipment

Every construction site has active machines and equipment for specific construction work. Such equipment can pose a major risk and danger to your life, especially in cases where you do not know how to operate them. Brisbane shop fitters, for example, commonly use equipment and machines, such as cutting tools, drilling equipment, and heavy lifting machines to repair, partition, and fit offices and shops. Visiting such a busy construction site where such machines are in operation requires you to steer clear of the equipment. Operating such equipment without the supervision of a safety expert can lead to serious life-threatening injuries.


4. Beware of falling hazards

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Of all the risks in the construction site, the risk of falling is the most imminent and most potent. Tripping and falling can have you fall on sharp objects, thus leading to life-threatening injuries. To ensure that you are on the safe side, you should always watch your steps. An even bigger risk that you should be aware of is instances where you may fall off the edge of a tall construction site. Whenever walking along the edges of such a tall building, you should be appropriately secured using safety harnesses.

Also, in a construction site, you should always be aware of falling objects which may cause serious accidents. In addition to using the proper personal protective equipment for a construction site, safety experts advise being in full awareness of the surrounding. You never, for instance, want to work directly beneath a crane lifting equipment and objects above you. Such dangling objects can fall with devastating consequences.


5. Be aware of first aid procedures

Despite all the safety measures that one can put in place to avoid possible injuries in a construction site, the chances are that a slight accident may occur. As a safety precaution, you should ensure that you are well aware of all the risks and the necessary corresponding first aid measures. Firstly, it is important to know the location of a first aid kit to ensure that you can reach out and use it whenever the need arises.

Secondly, it is highly advisable to ensure that you are well aware of how to use the various first aid kit instruments and implements. Practices such as nursing a possible construction site injury, such as a deep cut, are basic yet highly necessary. Such first aid procedures can come in handy in helping save a life by attending to an injured person or before medical first responders arrive.


6. Do not improvise

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Visiting a construction site for the first time can have you enthusiastic about participating in various construction processes. The temptation to improvise is particularly high. Improvising on the use of common items such as a hammer or even a ladder can have serious consequences, especially in the event of a failure. In case you are not experienced in any construction process or method, it is highly advised to steer clear of using or improvising on any equipment whatsoever. Improvising procedures can even pose a more serious danger, one that can lead to serious injuries.


7. Report any safety incidences

Any busy construction site that is packed with busy workers is highly prone to accidents. A busy day cannot go by without some slight safety incidents and near-misses. Whenever such an incident occurs, it is important to immediately report to safety personnel or bring it to the attention of other workers. All workers rely on such reports to improve on the safety of the construction site while avoiding more serious safety incidents in the future. In case you witness an imminent accident just about happen, your first weapon of choice is shouting, or better yet, if you have a construction site walkie talkie, radioing the concerned persons to steer clear or stop what they are doing.

Safety in a construction site is a leading concern for all workers and visitors. As a visitor to a construction site, being aware of the various safety precautions and procedures ensures that you meaningfully contribute towards making the construction site safer. Adhering to each one of the above-outlined safety tips when visiting a construction site helps prevent a serious or minor accident.