Motive Or Keyword Installs, What’s The Difference When You Promote

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To promote android apps, you can implement different marketing strategies. Motivated traffic and keyword installs are among the most efficient ones. They may look similar at first sight, but you can reach different effects with them. Let’s get to know more about both types of promotion and how to leverage them.

The main purpose of keyword installs is to increase your position in the search results. You choose keywords, which are relevant to your app. Then, you set up a campaign, define the number of installs, the duration, and the region where incentive users come from. As soon as you start the campaign, users get a task to find and install your app. They enter your keyword in the search field, find your app and download it. The algorithm notes an install and enhances your rank by this keyword. That’s it, your users won’t perform any additional actions. You improve your visibility in this way and get to the top. After that, you can attract organic users and get more revenue.

When you buy motivated traffic, the process is different. You can customize your order and give your users a specific task. You can ask them to download your app and play for 10 minutes, or make an in-app purchase, or enter a subscription. In this case, you’ll improve not only your rank but other KPIs as well. Retention rate is essential for boosting your position in Google Play. Thus, if you buy paid traffic, you can ask your customers to open your app after some time like 3 or 8 days. That will show the algorithm that your product is in demand and your growth will be faster.

Summing up, we would recommend you to use both motive and keyword installs. In such a case, you’ll improve all metrics of your app and promote android apps effectively.