A Homeless Veteran Is Treated Like Trash & Then This Happens

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We often share social experiments that have some sort of substance and meaning in regards to human nature and how others are treated when no one is looking. This social experiment is no different, but is surely one of the most powerful we have seen in a long while.

Youtubers MoeAndET set out to the streets of New York City to test how people would react to a homeless teen sitting just feet away from a homeless Veteran.

The homeless teen was not truly homeless, it was in fact Moe & ET’s little brother. The teen sat just mere feet away from the homeless Veteran, both bearing cardboard signs asking for money in order to buy some food.

Time and time again people passed by offering money to the teen all the while ignoring the Veteran. At one point, a woman gets angry at the Veteran and even tries to hit his hat off his head out of anger. In another instance, a man dumps his lunch over the Veteran’s head in disgust.

After the food was dumped over the mans head he began to cry and asked the teen to watch his stuff as he would be right back. Moments later, the unthinkable happened. The Veteran brought back a hot slice of pizza and a bottled water for the teen.

After the Veteran clearly showed frustration over the boy receiving money time and time again and he receiving nothing, the Veteran still took it upon himself to help a fellow human in need. Putting himself last and this young boy first.

The teen had made quite a bit of money during his time sitting on the street and after the social experiment was explained to the Veteran, the money was given to him. In addition to that money, Moe gave the man $200.

It is truly amazing that even when people are at their lowest point, they still have a heart of gold. Others who are clearly better off in life than the homeless Veteran, poked fun, made comments and even assaulted him. The could not spare change to help this man who served their country, but that man spared what little money he had to buy food for a hungry kid.  Incredible.



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