Beginners Guide To Purchasing An Electric Golf Trolley

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Whilst the idea of an electric golf trolley that could carry all your kit and anything else you could need may have once felt like a futuristic pipedream, now, they are a common feature on the green.

But if you’ve never used one for yourself, knowing whether they’re really worth splashing out on can be tricky. So, if you’re considering taking the leap from a carry-on or push golf trolley but are unsure where to even start – our beginners guide to purchasing a golf trolley should help.

Benefits of an electric golf trolley

We know what you’re thinking; electric golf trolleys cost a heck of a lot more than your trusty push trolley just to do the same thing, right? Well, not quite. Yes, an electric golf trolley’s primary function may be to safely transfer your golf equipment from hole to hole, but they do so much more than just that.

Here are some of the main benefits of choosing an electric golf trolley:

  • They’re battery-powered – meaning that they will still do the job of carting around your gear, but without the added strain on your body.
  • Allows you to bring along refreshments – with plenty of room for your kit as well as snacks and refreshments, you won’t ever have to go hungry mid-game again.
  • They help reduce the risk of injury – a day at the course can really take it out of you, not only are you walking thousands of steps, but if you’re carrying a heavy bag around you’re going to feel drained before the game is up. An electric golf trolley takes the strain off, ensuring your energy is spent on playing the game and that alone.
  • Fun features – there’s no shame in admitting that additional features and high-tech gadgets are a huge selling point. And electric golf trolleys certainly pack a fair few of those. From the ability to charge your phone to in-built GPS, many of the best electric golf trolleys offer much more than just a method of transportation.

Three things to consider when buying your first electric golf trolley

If this is your first time buying an electric golf trolley, knowing which brand to go for can be hard. Here are some things to think about first:

1. Budget

Nowadays, you can get your hands on a decent electric golf trolley for a pretty reasonable price, with some even starting around the £400 mark. But, for the top of the range trolleys, you can be looking at a considerably higher price point, so the budget should be the first thing to consider.

After all, there’s no point looking at electric golf trolleys way beyond what you’re willing to spend. So, decide on a budget and only shop for trolleys that fall within this price range to avoid disappointment.

2. Boot space

This is a huge deciding factor and one that so many looks past only to find that their dream electric golf trolley doesn’t actually fit in their car boot! Most of us will have to travel to the green by car, and in those cases, you need to ensure your electric golf trolley will fit into the boot with ease. If you have an estate car, you’re probably not going to have any issues, but smaller car models may struggle.

Many electric golf trolleys can be folded up in a number of ways, but before parting with your hard-earned cash, ensure the one you want will work with your car.

3. Mod Cons

Are you tech-savvy and can’t get enough of gadgets? Opting for an electric golf trolley can bring with it a host of cool benefits that will make you the envy of your fellow players, but those mod cons do come at a price. If you value those added extras and are prepared to pay out for them, that’s great – but if you’re not too bothered about flashy tech, you could save yourself some considerable money by opting for a more basic electric golf trolley.

Electric golf trolley brands worth considering

By far two of the biggest names in electric golf trolleys are Motocaddy and PowaKaddy. If you’ve been doing your research, you’re bound to have come across both of these names. But which one should you go for? The truth is, there is very little between them, they both offer premium electric golf trolleys as well as some more affordable options, and both offer those additional features for those looking for them.

Our advice? Find a reputable stockist who offers both Motocaddy and Powakaddy and try them out before you make a decision. Retailers, such as Clarkes’ Golf in Rainford, offer a fantastic selection of both brands, and their experts can advise you on the best selection to meet your needs and preferences.

Contact the team at Clarkes’ today on 01744 885294 or pop into their store, just off the Rainford bypass.