29 Things You Should Never Do In Iraq

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Source: http://inthesetimes.com

Often referred to as the cradle of civilization, Iraq is a region of vast deserts, winding waterways, and stunning canyons, and is also home to five UNESCO world heritage sites. While many of us imagine war, armed violence, and political strife when we think of Iraq, it is defined by so much more than danger and terror. Despite decades of conflict that have besieged the country, it is full of natural beauty, a rich culture, sacred shrines, historic structures and museums, as well as ancient artifacts and archeological treasures. If you travel to the north of Iraq into Iraqi Kurdistan, you’ll find a safe tourist destination that offers the most breathtaking landscape in the Middle East, from the snow-capped peak of Mount Korek to the rugged terrain of the Qandil Mountains. You can also explore the Erbil Citadel, visit the Kurdish Textile Museum, and meet the Kurds who are among the most hospitable people you’ll ever encounter.
However, the U.S. Department of State recently renewed its Travel Advisory for Iraq and discouraged tourists from visiting because of armed conflict, kidnapping, and terrorism. Due to the security situation, it is particularly difficult to secure a visa to go to Iraq. If you do manage to get a visa and you’re willing to set foot in a dangerous place at a dangerous time, it’s good to come prepared.
Keep on reading to find out what you should do before and during your trip to Iraq.