Four Ways To Exercise On Vacation Without It Feeling Like A Workout

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When you’re on vacation you probably want it to be a relaxing experience. You certainly don’t want to feel as if you’re working out like you would at home – after all, the whole point of taking a break is to get away from the daily grind and enjoy yourself. However, keeping fit and healthy is just as important on vacation as it is at home, especially if you’re on a long-term diet and exercise plan. With this in mind, here are four ways that you can carry on exercising while on vacation without it feeling too much like a regular workout.

Go Swimming


One of the best ways to exercise on vacation is to swim. Whether you’re staying by a beach and can go swimming inthe sea, whether you’re in a hotel with a shared pool or whether you’re lucky enough to be renting a home with a private swimming pool of your own, jumping into the water on every day of your vacation for a few quick laps is a brilliant way to boost your energy levels, keep your heart pumping and keep your regular exercise regime in place. Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise since it works out muscles all over your body without putting any strain on your bones or joints – just perfect, especially if you’ve got some weight to lose. 

Go Diving


One of the top activities for anyone on vacation is to go scuba diving, especially if you’re staying in a location that is well known for its exciting marine life. You can get more details on of how to choose the right equipment for you. Diving helps you to work out in the water without straining your joints and you’ll also have an amazing time seeing the fish, corals and other underwater sights. 

Go Cycling


Cycling is a brilliant form of exercise and it also happens to be a great form of transport. If you’re away on vacation, what better way to explore the local area than on two wheels? Perhaps you can take your own bike with you, or you could rent a bike when you arrive at your destination. You’re sure to have a lot of fun getting off the beaten track and discovering some of the less touristy spots in the place where you’re staying. While you’re getting out and about on your vacation, you’re also working your muscles and your heart – a complete workout!

Try Yoga


Vacations are often all about relaxation, and while yoga is a great form of workout, it’s surprisingly relaxing too. It certainly doesn’t feel like a regular workout at the gym where you run on the treadmill and lift weights – when you do yoga it’s more about balancing, stretching and flexibility than getting hot and sweaty (although there might be some sweating involved depending on the level you’re working at!) Yoga is the perfect way to work out outdoors too. It really lends itself well to the open air, especially if you’re using this as an opportunity to practice meditation and mindfulness. Whether you get up early to practice yoga on the beach, or whether you have an outdoor area at your accommodation such as a garden or balcony where you can salute the sun, you’ll find that adding a few yoga vinyasas into your vacation routine won’t be too difficult and it could actually make your whole vacation experience a lot more enjoyable. Depending on where you’re staying, you may even be able to find and join a local yoga class. Lots of beach resorts have regular yoga classes on the beach while some vacation resorts have organized classes for on-site guests. 

Working out on vacation needn’t be intrusive and it needn’t spoil your holiday. If you can find ways to add fun into your workout and make exercising an integral part of your break, you may even discover that your time away from home is even more fun than it would have been if you had been lying on a sun lounger all day long!

Have a wonderful vacation – and, who knows, you may come home fitter and healthier than when you left!