Best Places To Visit In Barcelona

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Barcelona is a magical city packed full of history, culture, nightlife, and vibrancy. It is one of the world’s greatest cities and has a vibe all of its own. Many visitors come back year on year such is the draw. It is such a great place to visit that it is difficult to say what its best feature is. Some come for the brilliant examples of Gaudí architecture, others for the nightlife, and some for the beaches.

Whatever your passion, you may want to consider a free Barcelona walking tours in GuruWalk to see this magnificent city. There is no charge for the guided tour, and you just tip your guide whatever you feel the tour is worth. It will show you the best parts of Barcelona, and you will have a greater understanding of what the city is about. Your guide will give you the full context to what you see.

So what to see?

Sagrada Família


There can be no more exquisite example of the ingenious imagination of Antoni Gaudí than the Sagrada Família. This incredible minor basilica building embodies his belief that as there are no straight lines in nature, there should be none in architecture.

When Gaudí started the project, it soon ran out of money. He tried several ways of keeping the project alive, including funding it using his own money, alas, it was never completed.

Work on the basilica has restarted, however, and every year completion edges that little bit closer. This is a true must-see on any Barcelona tour.

Las Ramblas


A walk down the promenades that run from Plaça de Catalunya to the Columbus Monument is something you have to do at least on your first visit to the city. The Las Ramblas sees street performers, flower stands, living statues, and bird sellers line the streets. This is also a good place to pick up a waffle or two.

Once you reach the end, you are in the perfect place to visit the Barcelona Aquarium or Maremagnum mall. You might want to consider combining your Las Ramblas trip with these two attractions.

Barcelona City History Museum


To gain an understanding of the history of the city, there are few places better than the City History Museum. Here, you can descend into the lower parts of the museum and view the remains of the laundries, dyeing shops, and garum factory of days past. You can see parts of the ancient Barcinio’s walls.

It takes a while to explore the 4,000 square meter site, but it is well worth your time. The planners have maximized the visibility of the area using a clever network of walkways.

Your exploration of the walkways ends when you visit the Palau Reial Major vaults, the seat of the medieval Dukes of Barcelona.

Fundació Joan Miró


For many Gaudí is a household name, but another amazing Catalonian artist is Joan Miró. Like Gaudí, his style is unique. The museum is a tribute to the artist and was established in the 1960s. Miró, worked closely with the architect to create the minimal style of the building, and he contributed greatly to bring contemporary art to the wider public.

Inside you will be treated to sculptures, drawings, and paintings from the great artist, as well as 20th and 21st-century exhibitions from other creators.

Park Güell


To see more of the work of Gaudí, Park Güell is the place to come. The park was originally created as a kind of exclusive community for the rich. The great artist created miles of paths, fountains, sculptures, and serpentine benches.

The project was a commercial failure, and the park was bought by the city and opened to the public. It is free to enter, but the center of the park requires a fee. It is worth it, however, as you get to see more of the great man’s work.

Camp Nou


Even if you are not a soccer fan, you can’t help but be impressed by Camp Nou, a 99 thousand seater stadium and home to FC Barcelona since 1957.

Inside, you can’t help but be swept away by the scale, and the club memorabilia is heaven if you are a fan of the beautiful game. Stadium tours are available on non-match days.

Casa Milà


If you can never get enough of Gaudí, Casa Milà is another place where you can see his work. The UNESCO protected building was designed originally for an industrialist has his family home. It was designed to have apartments to rent out on the upper floors.

The architecture has function as well as from as architects admire the self-supporting stone façade and underground car park.

The building, completed in 1912 is also known as La Pedrera.

Barcelona is an amazing city, and once you’ve been, you will want to come back year after year. One visit is never enough for this great city.