The 6 Best Travel Apps for Exploring Europe

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Europe is the cradle of western civilization and culturally and historically rich. Whether you are exploring the wonders of Rome, submerging yourself in romance in Paris, or want to sample the delights of Turkey, or Spain, then Europe is the place to go.

To find your way around Europe it is a good idea to equip your phone or tablet with the latest travel apps. This can help you manage your trip and help you get the most from it.

1 Teletext Holidays

Teletext Holidays app helps you find the best cost-effectiveoptions for a decent break in Europe. The Teletext Holidays app includes all-inclusive options, cheapest flights, cheapest yet still positively rated hotels, and the best last-minute deals. It is excellent for city and beach breaks and features handy guides to where you are staying. It is not a stretch to say that this app should be your first point of reference for securing a good deal.

2 TripCase

TripCase provides one of the best apps for itinerary management. Here, you can put all of your travel plans in one place, and should they need to change, it can help you source alternatives. This includes flights, hotels, directions, together with useful phone numbers such as airports, airlines, hotels, and cabs.

You can also share details with others, so your travel party is updated as to any itinerary changes.

3 Omio

Omio which began as Go Europe is one of the best apps to find cost-effective travel throughout Europe. The app pulls all the info you need when traveling from point A to point B, comparing prices of trains, buses, and flights throughout Europe. Over 600 transportation optionsare searched with the best results delivered to the palm of your hand.

The app provides the times and prices of tickets, and if the provider facilitates it, you can purchase e-tickets and simply walk on your bus or train.

4 Culture Trip

Want to know more about where you are going and what to see when you get there? If so, then Culture Trip is for you. It gives you all the information needed for a great trip, including information on museums, restaurants, music, and the best places to go to get blasts of culture and history.

Intriguingly, it gives information on avoiding tourist traps, and it allows you to share and bookmark on social media.

5 TheFork

For finding the best places to eat in Europe, TheFork is probably the best app you can have on your phone. If you have a local dish you’ve been trying to find, this app will find it for you based on your current location.

It goes one step further and provides menu information, directions, and you can book a table direct from the app free of charge.

6 Google Translate

The Google Translate app helps you navigate your way across the continent. Simply take a picture of a street sign and let Google Translate tell you what is says. It has 59 built-in languages which cover the most popular destinations in Europe, making the app useable offline.

There are some great apps to make your European trip even better. Make sure you check them out.