30 Things You Should Never Do In Colombia

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Source: https://lonelyplanet.net

The Republic of Colombia is a sovereign state in the north of South America, with land and territories in North America. Its capital is Bogota, and is ethnically and linguistically diverse, with 68 recognized regional languages. It is a country with the second highest biodiversity in the world, next to Brazil. As of 2016, 56,343 species are registered, of which 9,153 are endemic.
Colombia is an up-and-coming tourist destination with its incredible biodiversity, great cuisine, and friendly people. It is known for having great coffee, and vibrant music as well. There is so much to do and see in Colombia, so if you plan to visit the country, do your research and plan your itinerary carefully. Also, note that certain things should not be done in Colombia.
Read on to discover things that you should not do in Colombia: