29 Things You Should Never Do In Croatia

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Croatia is a scenic country in Eastern Europe, with over a thousand islands and islets to sail through and explore. Brimming with natural wonders, including national parks and nature reserves, this summer destination is perfect for tourists who love beaches and the sea. This breathtaking land along the coast of the Adriatic Sea also offers the most extensive cuisine, with each region presenting distinct delicacies inspired by its culinary tradition and cultural heritage.
While Croatians welcome the millions of tourists that visit every year, they expect guests to respect their country and culture during their stay. Do not travel to Croatia unprepared and poorly informed if you don’t want to suffer a painful, awkward, or uncomfortable holiday. Instead, do a little research and know what to avoid so you can have the time of your life in this amazing island country.
Read on to find out 29 things tourists should not do when in Croatia: