29 Things You Should Never Do In The USA

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Source: https://media.tacdn.com

The land of the free and land of opportunity, the United States of America is considered to have the largest economy and the most powerful military in the world. Its presence and impact is felt in all the corners of the world, with its president looked upon as “The Most Powerful Man in the World.” One of the largest countries, it is comprised of 50 states, most of it located in the North American continent. Though it may be harder to gain entry for some countries to the U.S. nowadays, it still gets visited by millions of tourists each year wanting to experience New York, Hollywood in Los Angeles, and other landmarks and recreation areas the country is known for.
There’s no doubt that you can do a lot of things in the U.S., and even if it’s called the land of the free, like other countries, there are still some things that you need to avoid doing to make your stay more memorable in a good way.