Bizarre Ramen Noodle Flavors You Are Missing Out On Living In The United States

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Ramen noodles has been around forever. It is the go to meal for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money to stay full. Here in the United States, we have some decent flavors of Ramen to choose from, but there are many more flavors out there…just not here in the US.

Some of these flavors seem a tad gross…while others…well…we will let you be the judge. 

Sea Salt and Olive Oil

This is probably the most basic, yet appealing Ramen on the list. Using simple and traditional ingredients like olive oil and sea salt is nothing if not classic.


No, this wasn’t inspired by the movie. This kind is a savory and flavorful French twist on Ramen. It’s full tomato and veggies, so it must be healthy, right?


Ajillo is Spanish for garlic. And the word on the street is, this Ramen does not disappoint. The dish is a mixture of traditional flavors like garlic infused olive oil and chunky toppings like shrimp, cabbage, egg, and garlic.


This is a red pepper infused tonkostsu flavor. It’s packed full of garlic and spicy flavor. There are a few different levels of spice to this one to, ranging from 3-5!

Bagna Cauda

If you are looking for a super strange Ramen, this is it! This Ramen is full of anchovy bouquet with squash and lotus root.

Cheese Curry

This full strength spiced Ramen is traditional Indian in flavor so it may not be for everyone, but it does sound tasty!

Red Pepper Infused Chili Flavor

This hot and spicy Ramen has a red pepper flavor and a mid-level spiciness.


Boring alert! If you love tomato, than this is your Ramen flavor, because it consists of nothing but tomato flavor!


Bolognese Ramen takes the tastiness of Bolognese and tosses it all into their Ramen. Why not add cheese and have some garlic bread on the side too!

Pasta Alla Vongole

Watch out, because now we are getting fancy! This pasta is paired with clams. Some may consider this the best Ramen ever, while others despise it!


If you are not into the intense heat of hot peppers and hot spices, then there is Wasabi! You will still get the kick of spice, but without the intense burning!

Tom-Yam-Kong Creamy

Creamy Ramen? Sign me up! Sounds delicious doesn’t it? Who doesn’t want a creamy instant Ramen???

Seafood Noodle

There is a similar version of this Ramen in the Unites States, but this one just packs a little more seafood punch!

Red Seafood

This Ramen is just like the one above…but with some heat! A spicy seafood Ramen coming right up!

Hot and Sour

This Ramen is super popular and can be found in Japan. A Thai soup has the hot and sour taste we all love.

Chili Tomato

This Ramen is tomato with chili spice. The rich Ramen is filled with tomato and the added chili gives it heat.

Well there you have it! All the Ramen tastiness that  you just may never try unless you travel the world! Well, that isn’t entirely true, because you can purchase just about any Ramen flavor online! Happy taste testing!