VIDEO | You Have Been Eating These 22 Foods All Wrong Your Entire Life

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We all have our own ways of doing things or in this case, eating things. Some of us put the toilet paper roll on with with pull out and some put it on with the pull inwards. I say tomato you say tomAto (that’s a hard one to put down into words)! The point is, we all do things different, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t another way to things that is better and can enhance our experience.

Take food for example. You can eat a piece of pizza with a fork, or you can pick it up and take a massive bite of deliciousness! Which is better?

The video below features 22 different food hacks you can use to make everyday meals easier, healthier, cheaper and just better in general! Personally the loaf of cheesy bread trick at 6:00 is something I’ll be doing from now on!


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