Canadian Giving Away Her 5,000-Square-Foot Lakefront Home Through An Essay Writing Contest

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If you are looking to move to a new home in the picturesque town of Millarville, Alberta in Canada, but don’t have the budget of $1.7 million, then now is your chance. After owner Alla Wagner’s back injury that occurred last year, she has been unable to go up to her second floor and her nurses have suggested she move to a bungalow instead to be more comfortable. She has been trying to sell her beloved home for months, but to no avail, she came up with an even better idea. Instead of waiting for a buyer, she has decided to award her beautifully designed three bedroom, 5,000-square-foot lakefront home to the winner of the most gripping 350-word essay through a contest. All the participants must do is answer one question: “Why would moving to this lakefront dream home change your life?”

Yes, that’s right. You can win this fully furnished home, just be writing an essay with the hopes of submitting the best!


“I view this home as a work of art and I don’t want to make changes to it that’s going to compromise its look and the value and craftsmanship that’s in this home,” Wagner told CTV News.

The “Write a Letter, Win a House” contest will accept 68,000 submissions, with a $25 dollar payment as the application entry, as the solution to Wagner getting paid for the actual cost of her home. If the contest becomes successful, Wagner will also donate 5% of her earnings to the Calgary Women’s Shelter.

Some of the essays have already come in and Wagner said she’s been so comforted and sentimental with what she has been reading. “Just that one family that will end up in this home, in this house and make it into a home for themselves and be happy here, as happy as I have been, I know it’s going to be a beautiful story in the end.”


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