Tennessee Professor Has An Incredible Response To Single Mom’s Absence From Class

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Raising kids isn’t easy…and it is even harder when you are attending college while trying to raise one.

That’s exactly the situation that Therapeutic Recreation major, Morgan King, found herself in. King and her 3-month-old daughter, Korbyn, have been taking on the world together since late March. Recently, King was unable to find childcare for one of her classes and was forced to skip it.


The single mom reached out to her professor asking for some extra time on her project… but what she received in return was the last thing she expected.


Hey Morgan,

We wondered where you were this morning. ?

I am so sorry to hear that childcare issues are what caused you to miss class today.

In the future, if you are having trouble finding someone to watch Korbyn, please feel free to just BRING HER with you to class. I would be absolutely delighted to hold her while I teach, so that you can still pay attention to the class and take notes. I work for the Department of CHILD and FAMILY Studies — so how terrible would it be, if was unwilling to have your child visit our class? I’m very serious with this offer — just bring Korbyn with you!

Regarding Quiz 5 today, it can just be one of the two quizzes you can drop. No worries. And your absence from today’s class is considered “excused.”

Let me know if there are other ways I could be supporting you!
Dr. H

Now that is how you teach a class! 🙂