Do You Believe In The Afterlife? This Neurosurgeon Didn’t Until He Himself Was In A Coma

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Dr. Eben Alexander didn’t believe in the afterlife or in the concept of eternal souls. He had heard about near-death experiences in the past, but had considered those stories to be the result of fantasies or hallucinations. After all, he had devoted much of his life to his neurosurgery career, and that path had made him doubt the existence of heaven or God. However, one fateful night changed his perspective dramatically.

Alexander recalls waking up in the middle of the night in extreme pain, likening the feeling to “being struck by a freight train.” What he thought was just a muscle spasm, however, turned out to be a rare case of bacterial meningitis infecting his brain. The neurosurgeon fell into a coma before he had even reached the hospital. The next seven days were a harrowing experience for his family; Alexander was showing no signs of brain activity, and doctors had already informed his wife of the possibility that he might not wake up. Things were looking grim on the outside during this week, but his family had no idea that Alexander’s beliefs were being shaken to their very core.

During a period of time when his brain was essentially shut down, Alexander describes having been guided through the afterlife by a mysterious force, learning about his purpose until being told to return to his life. On the seventh day of his coma, he woke suddenly and made an amazing recovery. From a medical perspective, that turn of events is beyond extraordinary, but Alexander’s account of that time is nothing short of miraculous. To hear more about what happened beyond what’s covered in the video, be sure to check out his book “Proof of Heaven,” a New York Times bestseller in which he goes into more detail.

Watch the video below to hear about Alexander’s incredible experience, and be sure to share on Facebook. What do you think about his journey?

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Source : Youtube