Choosing A Plastic Surgeon- They Are All Not The Same

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Let’s begin with the very foundation of becoming a plastic surgeon- education. Not every plastic surgeon graduated first in their class even though they went through an accredited medical program and school.

It does not mean that a good plastic surgeon is defined only by their grades- it just means that graduating from a medical program does not necessarily qualify a plastic surgeon as a good one. By no means can grades measure skills- they only measure understanding of procedures, theories, studies, and facts.

However, you want a plastic surgeon that has graduated from an accredited program- that is first on your checklist. Next would be whether they are licensed or not. To be qualified to practice plastic surgery in your state, the plastic surgeon should hold the relevant practicing license. If your plastic surgeon is not licensed- do not use them.

Walk into any plastic surgeon clinic or office today, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised that most clinics are ‘patient-centered. This means the office is equipped with nice decor, friendly staff, free Wi-Fi, a coffee and tea area, etc like lexingtonps. All these comforts are an addition to the clinic’s services.

There are plenty of good plastic surgeons practicing all over the country that work in large and small towns, down the street, at family clinics, and even in malls and rural areas. From the equipment, the location, and the skill of the surgeon- these are the things to look into when choosing a plastic surgeon.

How choosing the incorrect plastic surgeon could cost you time and money

It is easy for a non-medical person to get carried away by what a medical person says all because we do not know what they are talking about and do not know what is the best treatment. That’s why we give all our trust to the medical professionals that treat us.

But, you want to know how someone without medical knowledge or plastic surgery knowledge knows if their surgeon is worth their money? Here are a few pointers to look into to understand plastic surgery and your money or insurance’s worth:

  • Compare prices

It is only human nature to compare different services if you have a hard time deciding which clinic to go with. If the plastic surgeon that you are using is more expensive than someone else in the area, you might want to start asking them to explain the difference in fees. Do not be afraid to ask because it is a perfectly reasonable thing to do- after all, you want to know what makes this surgeon so different. There could be many reasons for a slightly higher price tag. It could be that they use different laboratories or it could be they use different materials or highest a bigger staff. Your surgeon should give you some reason as to why this is the case without shutting you down by saying they have more experience or that they are more established.

  • Ask Questions

It is your body and your money. But while wanting to find out answers, be aware that you do not go overboard in questioning the integrity of the plastic surgeon and sound confrontational. Ask questions so you are prepared and informed of how the surgery will go, the after-care provided and any risks involved.

Your plastic surgeon would not want to recommend plastic surgery that is not useful or practical for you for the sake of getting more money. Oftentimes, they would recommend what is best for your situation because, just like you, the plastic surgeon does not want to waste time dealing with cosmetic work when there are real issues they have to deal with other patients. When you understand the value of plastic surgery, you might not cringe so much at the cost.

  • Trust

Price is not the only deciding factor when it comes to picking a plastic surgeon. It also boils down to trust. Choosing a surgeon is the same as choosing a gynecologist or a psychologist if you will. A huge emotional element is involved with it, apart from having someone else in your personal space. It is imperative to choose someone you feel comfortable with and above all, trust.

What is the best way to find a plastic surgeon you can trust? Word of mouth works best. Speaking to your colleagues, friends, and family to get recommendations. Once you get a few recommendations, check their prices- the fee is just one part of the evaluation pie. You also want to have confidence and trust in the people you see when you walk into your surgeon’s clinic.

Trust is important not only because it makes you feel comfortable but it puts your mind at ease, knowing your surgeon is capable of working and handling medical situations. A skilled surgeon will always recommend the best form of treatment. Above all, they practice ethical plastic surgery such as sterilizing their instruments and equipment, staying updated with the cosmetic surgery industry news, updates, drug information, and so on.

You want your plastic surgeon to give you treatments and recommendations for your best interest in the long haul, not just ones that will bring in money to the clinic.


Final Thoughts

How you feel after your very first consultation with your surgeon can give you a good inkling of whether you should sign up with them or find someone else. Your plastic surgeon must understand your needs when it comes to treatment and care. It is also important they listen to you and not just push you for treatments or surgery without taking into account if you can afford it if your work and life allow for this treatment, and so on. You also are investing time and money into this which is why you need to make sure you feel safe, secure, and confident in the hands of a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon.