Elementary School Runner With Cerebral Palsy Gets A Little Unexpected Help To Finish The Race!

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11-Year-Old Matt Woodrow, a student at a Columbus, Ohio elementary school has heart and determination like no other.

Matt has Cerebral Palsy which hinders his ability to live like most kids his age, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to do so.

Matt is part of his schools track team and on this particular day there was a big race. Matt was told by his coach that he could sit the race out if he wanted, but that isn’t how Matt rolls. Matt was determined to start and finish the race no matter what.

As the runners took off, Matt had immediately fallen behind and just a few short minutes into the race he started to struggle and slow down. Matt’s proud mother, filming and encouraging her son from the sideline was about to witness something incredible, something that makes your heart skip a beat.

As Matt struggled and continued to fight hard, his gym teacher began walking towards him. The gym teacher ran next to Matt offering encouraging words and a little motivation. Students who finished the race noticed Matt struggling and a few ran over to join the gym teacher in cheering Matt on. It wasn’t long before all of Matt’s fellow classmates where running along side him. Matt finished that race, just like he intended to do from the get go.

At the finish line Matt was greeted with a massive cheering section made up of parents, teachers, friends and family. It was no doubt a proud moment for all who were lucky enough to be a part of it.

We can all learn a lot from kids like Matt. Heart, determination and soul can do wonders and you truly can achieve anything you put your mind to.



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