Moose Has Incredible Hatred For Woman’s Prius And Mailbox

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moose prius car

Alaska resident Alberta Laktonen came home to find a massive moose in her front yard, attacking her car. As Alberta stood across the street from her home with her children, they watched as the powerful moose rammed her tiny silver Prius, over and over and over again. When the moose had enough of beating up the car, he would move on to the mailbox.

Alberta and neighbors tried to get the moose to leave, but the moose was clearly agitated and did not want to go anywhere.

In the end, Alberta says the estimate of damage on the car was roughly $5,600. Her mailbox was fine and so was she and her children!

In the end, Alberta stopped filming to make some phone calls for help and during that time the moose ran off.

Check it out below!