Funniest Costumes From Masked Singer

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Are you among the millions of Halloween fans? If yes, there’s no excuse to worry about basic Halloween costumes when the show—The Masked Singer, has provided endless Halloween ideas. It is a show built for holidays with various funny costume ideas.

This Fox completion show has it all—the nail-biting suspense, the down for anything celebrities, and the best of all funny and wild costumes you’ve ever seen.

But the good news is that replicating these funny animal Halloween outfits isn’t that difficult or time-consuming. While many of them are somehow complicated to imitate than others, many of the Masked Singer Competition funny costumes are doable with hard work and a little patience.

If you are among the many Halloween fanatics eager to rock a Masked Singer funny Halloween costumes in 2020, continue reading, and you will be on your way of becoming the next Halloween King or Queen of the year.

The Night Angel by Kandi Burruss

You may tend to ask, what exactly is a “night Angel”? Well, it is a good question but with no answer—making the Season 3 Masked Singer winner a bit more complex to imitate. But the only important hint to becoming the most recent Masked Singer Competition champion is to keep stocking as many shiny purple wears as can.

The Rhino by Barry Zito

Mimicking this funny odd-toed ungulate shouldn’t be a daunting undertaking—this is to mean, as long as you can afford a Rhino mask. Once you acquire the mask, grab an old leather jacket from your closet, locate a pair of old-school goggles, throw on a pair of gloves along with cargo short, and you friends will be like, “Buddy, is that you?”

The T-Rex by Jojo Siwa

Thanks to the all-time famous Jurassic Park movies, there are a plethora of funny Halloween costumes in relation to it. Also, there isn’t always any shortage of Renaissance-era costumes, so this funny costume should be the easiest. Put the Renaissance era costumes and the T-Rex movie costumes and Voila!

The Kitty by Jackie Evancho

Truth be told, unless you were Emmy-winning designer, imitating Kitty’s stunning pink showgirl funny costume will be somehow a difficult undertaking. But don’t feel discouraged—with some glittery booties, a pink boa, and champagne-colored gloves, you can still bring out the adored feline’s Vegas vibes.

The Kangaroo by Jordyn Woods

Want to be the inexorable Kangaroo this year’s Halloween? Easy Barry! With only a red robe and a pair of boxing gloves, you are good to go. If you want it, you can throw in a pair of wrestling shoes for an extra punch—any silver or white tennis shoes will correctly do the job.

The Teddy by Sarah Palin

Like it was said about Kitty, you will have to think more about this funny costume than just mimicking the famous Teddy ensemble. Secure a bear-like head costume and match it with bright pink faux fur. Keep in mind, the more pink, purple, or blue colors you might find, the better.

The Peacock by Donny Osmond

With this funny Halloween costume, you got an array of options. Firstly, there are many peacock costumes everywhere, including on the internet. What you do from there is adding few essentials like a sequin vest, royal blue leggings, a pair of peacock wings, and a bird mask. But if you do not land on any funny costume that impresses you, go for a ritzy blue dress and then you can pick from there. You can add more and more accessories as you deem fit.

The Lion by Rumer Willis

With an array of gold lion masks online, recreating this funny Halloween costume is surprisingly simple. Once you have purchased or secured the mask, you are up and running. Dazzle the headpiece with all the pastes that you love to bring the supreme king of the jungle perfectly.

As for the mane, go for a mane-like wig and tangle it with some spray for fantastic extra volume. Once done with all that, you can pair your mask and wig with a gold trouser and a shirt and call it the funniest Halloween ever.

To Sum Up

If you cannot get enough of this Fox’s hit—The Masked Singer, you can recreate the funny Halloween costumes inspired by the show. You can put them on during Halloween or any other time you want to create a funny moment. And just like it is in the show, your friends will never guess who you are.