It’s Confirmed, The Youngest Sibling Is The Funniest!

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According to a study conducted by, the youngest sibling is the funniest! This study will surely allow for a little banter between siblings and will only make your sibling rivalry that much more intense! Plus…if you are the youngest sibling…you will now have some serious bragging rights!

Research also revealed that the oldest child in a family feels a greater weight of responsibility.

The new study showed how often-speculated differences in character between first and last born children in a family do have some basis.

Part of it reads: ‘Splitting out the first and last born siblings in British families with more than one child (86 per cent of the population), a clear divide in personality traits emerges.


sibling chart.JPG

‘The most significant difference is in feeling the burden of responsibility – most (54 per cent) first born(s) say they are more responsible than their siblings, compared to 31 percent of last born(s).

‘Younger siblings, on the other hand, are more likely to say they are more funny (46 per cent compared to 36 per cent of elder siblings), more easy going and more relaxed.’

Age may be responsible for the differing characteristics.

Older children, having had more time to get on in life, are more likely to say they are more successful than their siblings.


The research concludes: ‘But undoubtedly there are family forces at work – parental attention soon shifts onto new arrivals, and first born(s) may have to learn the ropes themselves.

‘As evidence, elder siblings are more likely to feel more organised and able to prioritize their own lives. Likewise, younger siblings are more likely to feel more favored by their parents.’

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