Hilarious Lockdown Look Disasters And Other DIYs To Avoid Them

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Awesome Jelly

Who would have thought that this new year was going to be like walking into a parallel universe? With a virus raging throughout the world, people walking around the city wearing what looks like space suits, as well as covered in face masks, and the planet being hardly recognizable to anyone anymore, we’re definitely seeing stranger days. Plus add to that the fact that parlors, nail salons, and barbers are closed and people are self-isolating, forcing them to attempt to DIY everything from haircuts to manicures, or just not bothering to shower at all. People have taken to twitter and other social media accounts to share their crazy quarantine looks, and you don’t want to miss them.
Here are some of the craziest ‘Lockdown Look Disasters’ you’ll ever see, and a few tips on how to avoid them in the future!