Get Out Of Jail Free Card | His DWI Was Caught On Tape, He Was Arrested, But Then Let Go

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A couple Blaine, Minnesota officers are getting mixed reactions to a recent DWI arrest they administered.

“Without fear or favor.”  That’s the way the law should be enforced, according to the official Code of Ethics adopted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Police dash cam video shows officers responding to an alarm at a local business, but that is not all they camera’s caught.

Once officers arrived at the alarm call they observed a running car in the parking lot. The occupant of the car appeared to be passed out and a slew of empty Coors beer cans lay about the passenger seat. After many failed attempts at waking the occupant, officers finally prevailed and the driver awoke.

Police then had the driver get out of the car where a sobriety test was administered. The video shows the driver clearly failing the simple tasks requested of him. A breathalyzer test was also administered where police records say it registered .202 – more than two and a half times the legal limit.

“William, right now I’m going to place you under arrest for DWI,” said one of the officers, as he handcuffs Monberg and places him in the back seat of the patrol car.

A few moments later the officers are heard saying ‘Oh crap’. The officers had looked through the drivers wallet and noticed he was a fellow badge occupying member, an investigator actually.

The officers removed their microphones and shut off two of the dash cameras. However, a third camera still rolled on as the officers let the investigator out of his handcuffs and attempted to arrange a ride for him. Thus, the arrest never happened as it should have by law.

What are your thoughts? Should this officer have been arrested just like every other citizen should?


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