The Best Supplements For A Strong Immune System

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2020 has raised some pretty big questions. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the world, people couldn’t help but wonder what they can do to protect themselves apart from social distancing, washing hands and wearing masks. Although there’s some great news regarding vaccine development, the race is far from over. So, what steps can you take to stay healthy during these uncertain times?


Well, the best way you can boost your immune system is with adequate nutrition. Eating a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals is key for the optimal function of your immune system. If you fail to meet your body’s nutritional needs, that puts you at a higher risk of both bacterial and viral infections.

Luckily, today you can find a myriad of supplements for health that won’t only fill in your nutritional gaps, but also boost your body’s natural immune response. Check out our top picks below.




This ancient herb has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for centuries, and today we’re lucky to have it in the form of convenient and easy to take supplements. But what makes Astragalus such a powerful immune system booster? The answer lies in the plant’s main active component which increases the activity of immune cell function regulators.

Moreover, there’s evidence that Astragalus can stimulate your body’s white blood cell production which is crucial for preventing illnesses. Astragalus can also help you cope with stress which is the number one enemy to your immune system. The supplement is safe to take at the recommended dosage, and is also often found in the form of syrups for children.

If you feel like your immune system could use a hand, you should try the Immunity Gold Astragalus Capsules by the trusted brand Bioglan. These capsules contain pure dry Astragalus root and they’re suitable for people following vegan and gluten-free diets.




Bovine colostrum is a form of milky fluid produced by the mammary glands of cows immediately after giving birth. It’s not suitable for vegans, but it’s one of the most powerful supplements for optimal health you rarely hear about. Besides vitamins and minerals, colostrum liquid is also loaded with natural immune factors including IgG antibodies which protect you against bacterial and viral infections.

In addition to boosting your resistance to viruses, bovine colostrum can also enhance your strength and stamina during exercise and boost your muscle tone. If you want to include this healthy vitamin supplement into your diet, check out the Blossom Colostrum by the quality supplement brand Blossom Health. These tablets contain 820mg pure colostrum rich in essential micronutrients and bioactive components.


Manuka Honey


If only all immuno-boosting supplements for health were this delicious… Manuka honey is produced from the nectar of the Manuka tree which is native to south-eastern Australia and New Zealand. If you’re wondering what’s so special about Manuka honey, get ready to be amazed.

This nutritious remedy contains impressive amounts of methylglyoxal or MGO which is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial compound. Research shows that MGO aids your immune system by effectively killing germs, even those which are antibiotic-resistant. Even if you’re not fighting a cold at the moment, the benefits of Manuka honey are sure enticing.

Since prevention is always better than medication, you might want to try Manuka honey and treat your body with an equally delicious and healthy supplement. However, make sure not to get scammed by a low-quality product. You should only buy pure Manuka Honey backed by the UMF guarantee to reap its numerous health benefits.




Besides Manuka honey, the hard-working bees produce another incredible immune booster I’m sure you’ve already heard about – propolis. Traditional Chinese medicine uses propolis as a natural alternative to antibiotics. It has great antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial properties while also being an amazing antioxidant. While honey already contains some propolis in it, you can also take it in its more potent supplement form.

The reason behind the effectiveness of propolis is its abundance of bio-flavonoids which stimulate your body’s immune response and help it absorb even more powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin C. Just as bees use propolis to protect their hives, you can use it to protect your overall health. You can’t go wrong with the Nutra Life New Zealand Propolis which has been independently tested for its bio-flavonoid content – guaranteed to provide 50mg per dose daily.



Olive Leaf Extract


The olive plant has been used in traditional medicine to provide relief from the symptoms of flu, colds, respiratory problems and fever. And today, olive leaf extract is still regarded as a pretty effective natural source of wellness. The anti-inflammatory fatty acids found in olive leaf extract have an amazing ability to enhance your body’s immune response and cardiovascular health.

The key ingredient in olive leaf extract responsible for its healing properties is called Oleuropein. According to several studies, Oleuropein acts as a powerful antiviral agent protecting your body from a broad range of viruses included, but not limited to herpes, influenza, rhinovirus etc. Furthermore, Oleuropein may enhance the antioxidant defence system and keep free radicals in check.

If you’re struggling with the symptoms of the common cold or flu, you should try Caruso’s Olive Leaf extracts. Not only can this supplement help to speed up your recovery, but it will also help you flush out toxins from your system.



Aged Garlic


You’ve probably heard that garlic is one of the healthiest foods on the planet, but do you know that aged garlic supplements can reduce the number of sick days by a whopping 61%? Moreover, garlic supplementation can greatly reduce the severity of colds and flu. This is because aged garlic boosts both NK and gammadelta-T cell function which are responsible for limiting the spread of microbial infections.

Reap the amazing benefits of garlic minus the “garlic breath”, with Caruso’s Aged Garlic tablets. This supplement will also support your cardiovascular health and help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels.



Closing Thoughts


Now that you have a better grasp of some of the best health supplements available on the market it’s time to boost your immune system. Whatever you pick, just make sure that you’re taking your supplements safely. Stay safe, stay home and shop health vitamin supplements online.