10 Major Benefits Of Selling Your Home Through Real Estate Companies

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There are a million reasons to sell your home, but there are far fewer ways to do it. There are plenty of people willing to help you, sure. But the number of trustworthy people? That list is pretty short. And frankly, the time it would take to find someone is not a burden many can bear.

Luckily, you do not have to actually take that time. Real estate is a cut-throat business. But the funny thing about truly intense markets is that they will usually have more rules than markets of lower competition. Because if a market is intense, you can be sure there are big names in it.

And the biggest names in real estate offer a lot of incentive to sell homes through them. Today, we are going to look at 10 of the benefits of selling your home through one such company.

The Trust Issue

Trust is built off of repeated interactions. But in real estate, you are only going to sell something to someone once (at least most of the time). So, how do you know you can trust someone?

Real estate companies answer that question by being more transparent than independent sellers. You see them do business all the time, everywhere. Therefore, you know how they do business. You know they are accountable. And you can see how to hold them to account.

Time Efficiency

And because you can trust a real estate company, that means less time can be used on the period of building trust. Frankly, lots of real estate companies have been able to automate most of their real estate transactions at this point. Even with guidance, they can speed yours along.

Referring to Other Companies

Not all companies are a perfect fit for all clients. Independent sellers are incentivized to obscure this fact, and that incentive leads them to finding bad deals. Real estate companies have better practices, including referring you to other real estate companies to sell your home.


This is something that all real estate companies have, though not every customer ends up making use of it. The expertise they offer you starts at how to sell your property. But it does not end there. It can extend to what renovations you need to do, and even what your property might be used for. This can open up all sorts of negotiation options for you down the line.

You might even get some ideas as to how to collateralize your property into a loan.


The value of networking is hard to ascertain, but invaluable to those who make use of it. Basically, it allows you to find alternative ways of using your property other than just selling it. Refinancing it, renting it out, and opening businesses on it are all valid methods.

But none of these can be done on their own. A real estate company can connect you with a network of people that can guide you through getting value out of your house.

Buyer Analysis

So, through a real estate company you have found a buyer for your home. Or, you have found a construction company willing to turn the property into a shop. Whatever you find, you need to know whether or not they have the money or the resources they say they have.

A real estate company will know what to look for. And not only that, but they will also know how to verify it.


Most independent sellers and buyers operate on a “take it or leave it” style of negotiation. This is not really a style of negotiation at all. It is more of a way of scamming people who are short on money, time, or expertise. But with a real estate company, you do not have to worry about that.

Their size translates to security, and that security translates into a flexibility of business.

Legal Protection

One of the biggest issues people run into when they deal with scammers is accusations of legal culpability. What that basically means is that someone will buy your house off of you, or begin to use it for a construction project, and then accuse you of doing some undeclared damage to it.

The classic example is buying a house from you and then accusing you of not repainting some part of it. They will then tell you that it will cost them $1500 or so to repaint it, and that they will sue you if they do not get that money.

Real estate companies know a hollow threat when they see one. And if you use a real estate company to make a sale, they will help watch your back should it go to court.

Liability Analysis

For the very same reason, real estate companies will also send independent agents to your property to appraise it for liabilities. These appraisals will be quick and non-intrusive. They can also be confidential. The important thing is that they can make sure there are no problems.

The first step to getting ahead of scammers is knowing that you have no liabilities lingering on a property that you plan to sell.

MLS Listing

Perhaps the biggest asset that real estate companies can offer you is MLS listing. MLS stands for “multiple listing services”. These are indexes of different properties that real estate companies and their clients bid on. They are highly competitive marketplaces.

It can be hard for an independent seller to get on one. Almost impossible in some areas. But with the right appraisals and expertise, a real estate company can get you onto one. Then, you barely have to wait a day before someone starts to show interest in your properties.


Real estate companies can do a lot to help you get value out of your property. Just remember to keep an open mind. Some people will go in wanting to sell their home as fast as possible. But that is a short path to getting scammed. If you want  more information, visit the website.