How To Find The Best Deals When Signing Up For Cable And Internet Bundles

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It’s hard to imagine that only a few decades ago, we didn’t have the Internet. In today’s connected world, it’s almost impossible to stay sane and productive without access to a television or the Internet. From catching up with friends to enjoying your favorite shows to getting some work done from home, these services have become vital to our daily lives. But it doesn’t mean we have to pay a fortune for life’s new essentials. There are many practical tips to get the best value for your money on cable and Internet packages.


Bundle Up And Save

It pays to bundle your cable TV and Internet. When you bundle a package with your cable company, you can get significant monthly savings that might not be available with separate standalone services. For example, you may be paying $50 per month for the Internet alone and another $50 per month for cable alone, but you may save $20 per month if you choose a bundled package. Aside from good deals, you can get two or more services with the convenience of paying only one bill per month instead of multiple bills. On top of that, many companies offer incentives, such as movie channel packages, pre-loaded reward cards, a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), or home phone services to sweeten the deal. With all these advantages and benefits, it’s easy to see why bundling is a cost-effective choice.


Check Your Options

Just like you would compare the prices of airline tickets or electronic devices, you can check out the packages offered by different cable companies to find the best deal for you. Avoid making the mistake of just focusing on the price of services. When you are comparison shopping, compare the available packages, read product and service reviews, check performance, speed, and reliability, and also consider customer service. You may want to know the cable company’s level of customer service in case you have a problem with your connection or when you need a technician sent to your home. You will want to choose a cable and Internet provider that strives to give its customers a great experience.


Evaluate Your Needs

You can also save money on your cable and Internet bill by assessing what your family needs. If your family prefers to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix, it would be more practical to sign up for an affordable bundle that includes just basic cable instead of one that has over 200 channels. This can considerably lower your total monthly costs.

Evaluating your Internet needs can also save you more than a few dollars. Cable companies usually have different tiers of Internet speed. In general, the faster the Internet speed, the higher the bill. If your family only uses the Internet for browsing, social networking, and researching for schoolwork, you won’t need blazing fast Internet speed. Conversely, if your family does a lot of video streaming and downloading, sharing large quantities of media, and online gaming, running several devices all at once, you will be better off with faster Internet speed.




Decide What Internet Speed You Need

To get the best Internet service or package, you need to know how many Mbps you really need. Megabits per second (Mbps), the unit of measurement for bandwidth, tell you how fast your Internet connection is, depending on the applications you use. Upload speeds are also important if you work remotely from home and frequently join video conference calls.

Typically, it’s safe to go with an affordable 25 x 5 package (25 Mbps download speed and 5 Mbps upload speed). This allows you to surf the web, read and answer emails, stream music and videos, watch HD content on Netflix, play online games, and back up your content to the cloud. If you enjoy streaming movies on your TV, watching Ultra HD content on Netflix, and playing competitive MMO (massively multiplayer online) games without lagging, you are going to need speeds that process 30 to 50 Mbps. This is especially important when you have several family members using multiple devices at the same time.

If you need better Internet speeds, find a cable company that offers a bundled package at a great price. It will be worth your investment to have enough processing speed to cover all your needs. But if you mostly spend your time browsing websites, sending emails, and shopping from online stores, you can save some money and sign up for a lower-tiered Internet speed.


Get Your Own Modem

Also, consider buying your own modem instead of renting one from your cable company. Renting a modem from your provider can easily add at least $8 to your monthly bill. That’s $96 a year. It might be better to purchase a new modem for as little as $30 instead of paying almost a hundred dollars extra each year. However, be sure to check first with your cable company if they will accept the modem you’re planning to buy. Some major cable companies are rather fussy about which modems they will allow.


Negotiate For The Best Deal That Works For You

In the end, it’s all about you, the customer. Your needs, your preferences, and what you’re willing to pay. For sure, the Internet has become important in our everyday activities, but know that you have countless options to choose from to get the best bang for your buck. Don’t hesitate to call several cable companies and ask if they’re willing to match their competitor’s rates. Some companies are even willing to offer a better price just to secure you as a customer.

Know what you need, opt for a super-saving bundle, compare the prices and services of all the cable companies in your area, and avoid unnecessary monthly fees by getting your own modem. Call the shots, be the boss of your own budget, and you’ll find the best cable and Internet deal out there for you.