How To Make a $5 DIY HDTV Antenna, Because There Is Nothing Like Free TV!

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tv antenna

There is nothing like getting a few free TV channels, especially when they are broadcast in HD! There are a ton of DIY antenna’s you can make, but this one is super simple and super cheap…plus it works great!
If you live in a populated area, this antenna will pull quite a few HD channels. If you are further out in a more rural area, you will still get a few channels, but something is certainly better than nothing!
When I constructed one of these I was able to get 7 channels, my local news and many of the basic cable channels such as ABC, NBC and PBS. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the picture, it was better than that of my HD cable box which I pay out the a** for monthly.
Check out the video below and learn how to make your own!


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