The ‘Jar Of Awesome’ Is A Super Positive Project For Kids!

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jar of awesome

The “Jar of Awesome” is an awesome way to reflect on your positive aspects of life.  It’s kinda like a diary but in a jar.  Here is what you do.  Simply write down on a piece of paper…either once a day or once a week.  Write down your most favorite thing that you did .  As we age we tend to forget some of the most favorite things about ourselves and a simple note would be nice to re-read at some point.  I’ve heard of teachers doing this with their students and at the end of the year the students read their own notes to themselves.  

Its amazing how much we accomplish in a year and how much we forget, but with a simple note all the memories come right back.   Write the date on all the notes also, that helps put a time frame on your accomplishments.

Feel free to use a  mason jar, jelly jar or a calendar to write on.  You could use online media as well like any diary it’s not important how it’s stored only that it is stored for later use.  I like the mason jar approach, its hard physical evidence with my own hand writing.

Leave us a comment on your diary idea for yourself or your kids. Feel free to share this with other moms/dads/teachers via any social platform.  Thanks again for being part of AwesomeJelly !!!!


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