5 Weird Mistakes You Could Have Easily Avoided While Moving

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You don’t know how stressful any relocation is until you start packing. There are many traps and twisters in this long way. But you can be sure to avoid them if your move is in the good hands of a reliable moving company. You can find the best choice of such companies, the services they offer, honest feedback at https://moving-me.com/top-moving-pods-companies-2020. While searching for your perfectly matching moving helper, look at 5 awkward situations that can easily be avoided if you are well prepared to move.

1. Don’t play a Superhero

Do you know that it takes at least three strong people to move a refrigerator? There are several reasons for that. First is the weight. Even the new models made from light materials can be up to 170-190 pounds. So, do not count on your muscles only. Even if you are an experienced bodybuilder. The second reason is the dimensions. Your fridge is not only heavy, but it is also huge and bulky, even when empty inside. (You have emptied it, right?) It is a very inconvenient thing to move around. Even more inconvenient than you thought it was when you started moving it. You will also need help to maintain supporting equipment like a dolly, a moving ramp, or covers to protect your floors. Anyways, you need help. And don’t forget to tape the doors and cord to the main body of the fridge. You don’t want them to open in your face or trip over the cord.

You can’t do everything on your own. Understand this and seek help from House Removals Enfield to reduce your workload and stress.

2. Don’t try to pack everything in one box

Not literarily, but still. It is always hard to stop jamming your clothes into a box until it cuts open. And even if it doesn’t, you have to think of the people who are going to load these boxes into the moving truck. That BTW maybe you. The tip here would be to get enough boxes or plastic containers and pack the most necessary things first. Still, don’t overpack your boxes. Whatever is left might deserve to be left behind. You are starting a new big period of your life, you won’t need all of your old stuff in there.

3. Don’t scratch it!

Before loading your furniture, make sure you wrap it or tape it. Use furniture sliders, plywood sheets, or layers of cardboard to protect your floors. But you have to make all those important steps after you make the first and the most important one: measure everything. Measure your furniture, doorways in both your old and new property, measure the space where you plan to settle your furniture. You don’t want to damage your new home with your old sofa. You don’t want to lose or eliminate your insurance deposit. So, if some of your furniture proves to be oversized, maybe it’s time to send it to a garage sale or donate it.

4. Don’t lose it!

This now is not about your belongings, though it is very important not to lose those either. What we are talking about here are your moving paperwork. It is very important to keep them all in one folder till that very moment when you settle in your new accommodations, or even longer still. Make sure all your paperwork is signed by both you and your moving company. And do not sign any paper that you do not fully understand. There is nothing much to add. Just keep an eye on your moving paperwork. All your estimates, legally binding contracts, inventory lists should be properly filled and stored.

5. Limit your contacts

The weirdest mistake of all during these days of a pandemic would be to get infected during your relocation. So, to avoid unwanted contacts you can follow some very simple rules. First, remember that a big chunk of your moving paperwork can be done online. At moving-me.com you can order a free quote, an online estimate, and all the services that moving companies have to offer during these not so easy times. Another option to consider is to order PODS containers which will let you plan your packing time in a less stressful manner and avoid unwanted contacts with the movers. If you decide in favor of a full pack of moving company’s services including a crew of movers, make sure they are equipped with adequate self-protecting items like masks, gloves, shoe protectors. Check if the moving company provides its workers with frequent medical checkups. Ensure their access to running water and hand sanitizers during your relocation. Stay safe and good luck with your move!