U.S. Presidents Ranked According To Net Worth (The Wealthiest Might Surprise You)

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Source: Awesome Jelly

The majority of U.S. presidents have been fairly wealthy. Many of the early presidents owned large plantations and even slaves. Some, like John F. Kennedy, were born into wealth and inherited land and money from their family. Others came from humble beginnings and earned their fortune through years of hard work in public service. Several of the men in this list, including Benjamin Harrison and James K. Polk, studied law and had a thriving law practice. More than a few started their own business and made good investments. After leaving the White House, many of these presidents received considerable income from public speaking, as well as autobiographies and other writings, such as George W. Bush’s “Portraits of Courage.” While most of the presidents entered retirement wealthier than before, a handful found themselves in severe debt and died poor.
After adjusting each president’s net worth to reflect today’s dollars, a good number of them would be considered multi-millionaires. Seven of the wealthiest presidents have a net worth of at least $100 million.
Keep on reading to find out the peak net worth of every U.S. president, ranked from least to most affluent. The nation’s top three wealthiest presidents might surprise you.