An Unexplained White Light Is Freaking Out The People Of Michigan

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This footage of a largely inexplicable white light in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on the border of Wisconsin, provided by The Mirror is freaking people out.

“Some local people that we knew had heard about this,” Jeremy Bos, then a pHD candidate in electrical engineering at Michigan Tech said to the camera in 2010 about the mystery in the area of Paudling. “And supposedly it was a ghost light that came. You could almost guarantee you would see it.”

And see the light, he did.

“A lot of people had postulated that it was car headlights, but no one provided any proof,” Bos, who is now a professor at the college, said. “At least not proof that satisfied anyone.”

According to Bos, local legend has it that a train conductor, who had been killed by an oncoming train, is swinging his lantern… hence the white light.

“It’s quite interesting,” one of the students on Bos’ expedition said. “We’ve had people saying there are orbs in the sky. We’ve even had someone hike about 12 miles back to go and find it.”

The light was first discovered by a few high school boys in the 1960s, but Bos and his men claimed it is indeed simply the result of car headlights from a nearby highway.

I personally am wondering why no one walks towards the light to get a better look, or maybe even have a helicopter fly over the area while the light is active. Hmmm….


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