Road Rage Regret! This Is Why It’s Best To Just Keep On Driving!

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One Massachusetts man riding a motorcycle was seen weaving in and out of traffic and passing vehicles on both sides of the road. 

Another man, in a gold SUV, had a few words for the motorcycle hotshot and that is when the motorcyclist started following the SUV. The SUV ended up pulling into a small neighborhood, with the motorcycle in tow. A third car was also following the action for the sole purpose of filming…knowing something was about to go down. 

As the SUV slowed and stopped at an intersection, the motorcyclist stopped also and approached the SUV. The man had a hand on his waist, as though he was sporting a weapon. The driver of the SUV tried to get out of his vehicle, but he was pushed back in by the man on the motorcycle. 

road rage

Eventually, the man in the SUV jumped out and he did in fact have a weapon…a baseball bat. What happened next proves that road rage often times escalates and no matter how tough or right you think you are in the situation…the tables can turn quickly. 


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