20 Halloween Decorating Ideas Using Repurposed Wood

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Halloween is in just a few weeks and it’s time to get decorating! Whether you want a simple, festive feel or you want to go all out creepy-crazy…we got your back!

Repurposed wood and pallets are by far one of the best materials to work with when making Halloween decorations. There is just so much you can do with repurposed wood…and best of all…it’s CHEAP!

Check out these awesome ideas below!

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 Source: sewwoodsy.com


Halloween DIY wood pallet  Source: pinterest.com


 Source: craftsbyfriends.com


 Source: davelowe.blogspot.fr


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 Source: craftyladylindsay.blogspot.com


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 Top Image Source: katearthur.co.uk   

Bottom project Get Tutorial here ====> hazelandruby.com


Halloween DIY wood pallet  Top Image Source: boogedyboogedyboo.tumblr.com   

Bottom Source: attagirlsays.com


 Source: diyswank.com


 Source: keepcalmandstayspooky.tumblr.com


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 Get Tutorial here ====> hgtv.com    Source: pinterest.com


 Source: boardandbrush.com


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 Source: halloweenforum.com


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