People Are Freaking Out After Seeing That Freckle On Their Wrist! Do You Have 1, Too?

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Twitter is the best platform for people to get together and discuss and share about pop culture, music, TV series and now – freckles, it seems.

Twitter used Aaryn Whitely with an account name aarynwhitely uploaded photos of her wrists, as well as her friends’ and made a rather peculiar claim that every woman has a freckle located in the middle of one wrist.

To prove this theory of hers, she shared her hypothesis to the rest of her Twitter friends and they ended up uploading their own wrist photos. This started the ‘freckle challenge,’ and it has since gone viral. How many photos of wrists and freckles have you seen online lately?

Another Twitter user Cstar has added another hypothesis to this mystery, tweeting: ‘Every girl has a freckle on their right wrist and or left boob.’


Have you checked your wrists already by now?

Freckles are concentrated melanized cells in small clusters that are seen on the skin’s epidermis. When skin is exposed to the sun, these freckles become darker and more visible. This is also the reason why people tend to have less freckles during the winter, and they all come out in summertime.

The most believable theory behind this wrist freckle phenomenon is speculated to be because the wrist is an area where the freckles are most likely to develop. The face, hands, shoulders and upper arms are body parts that are frequently exposed to the sun and ultraviolet radiation. So, generally, these are the areas where people have the most freckles. As for the wrist, it’s always visible under sunlight and it’s not an area where people frequently put sunblock to shield it, unlike the face!

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