The Best Sleepover in Town: Making Your Child’s Sleepover the Envy of Everyone Else’s

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Recently, The Guardian reported the finding of Vogue magazine that luxury hotels are starting to use bunk beds. That’s right: high-end hotels. The hotels aren’t just marketing to people they expect to have a bit of cash to throw around, but to a range of people: people who are on corporate training trips, friends on a major travel adventure and parents who may need to book a separate room for the kids — they’re all fair game.

Bunk beds — don’t they just to take you back to your younger days? What fun and adventure! You don’t have to travel across the world to create this kind of adventure for your kids, though. Buying your own set of bunk beds provides them with their big opportunity to host the most happening sleepover on the planet!

Here’s how you can help your kids to hold a sleepover that’ll make them the envy of all the rest. They’ll be talking about it for decades.

Speak to the parents

First thing’s first….. Before you get any crazy ideas in a quest to become, unofficially, The Coolest Parent(s) in the World, you’ve got to check with the parents of the other sleepover guests what they’ll allow and what they won’t. Don’t just stick ‘Rambo: First Blood’ on Netflix and then look to justify yourself afterwards. Any activities you have planned for them you should square with the parents first.

Get some details from the parents, too, about how or where to contact them if there’s an emergency. Now is a good time to ask about any allergies or special requirements their child(ren) may have and about anything that particularly scares their child(ren). Take the time to advise them of anything in your house that could be a potential danger, such as a dog that doesn’t react well to strangers, and how you’ll address these issues.

Make the sleepover a sibling-free zone

The host child wants to enjoy themselves and so do the guests, and they don’t always want their siblings around when they’re trying to do it. Younger ones may try to steal all the attention for themselves, whereas older siblings can sometimes behave like tyrants and spoil all the fun. Keeping the siblings out of the sleepover can be a win for both groups.

This doesn’t have to be a source of conflict, either; in fact, it’s a win–win situation. When your child’s sleepover guests arrive, all you have to do is take the sibling(s) out for a treat. It could be a meal, a night at the cinema or even a gig. The kids can get on with the sleepover and you can spend the time to bond with your other child(ren). Everybody’s happy!

Prepare some sleepover bags

You have bags for children’s parties when they leave, but why not create a sleepover bag for the guests for when they arrive? You could fill it with a toothbrush and some simple toiletries. Add a selfie frame so the kids can later frame memories of the epic night ahead of them. That one when they all shared their funniest secrets. Don’t expect to find them out — you weren’t invited, after all.

Create a comfortable (but awesome) space

If you have a bunk bed in one of the bedroom’s, deciding which room will be the sleepover space is a no-brainer. (Incidentally, as the host, your child should have the top bed, so settle that argument for them.) Make the space as comfortable as possible with plenty of pillows and blankets.

Don’t stop at just throwing a few pillows and blankets into the room and being done with it. Ask your child if they want the sleepover to have a theme. Perhaps they like Marvel superheroes, space exploration or a particular sport. Decorate the room accordingly. If the other guests need to bring anything, let them know.

Part of making the space comfortable is ensuring that it’s big enough in the first place as well. If you only have space for four, don’t try to cram in five or six. The more people there are, the more potential there is for an accident or personal injury. Packing them into a room like sardines could increase the odds. Creating a comfortable and safe environment is paramount, especially in shared spaces. When dealing with limited room dimensions, teenager loft beds with desk combinations are a clever solution, optimizing space while providing a designated area for studying or leisure. By selecting furniture that complements the room’s size, you can ensure both comfort and safety for everyone in the space, reducing the risk of accidents and maintaining an inviting atmosphere.

Organise some unique activities

Yes, you can organise a few movies so that the kids can all sit together and have a laugh, but — let’s face it — that’s a bit boring. Organise something a little bit different. That could be putting together their own dance routine, making a sundae, baking their own biscuits or something else.

Whatever you choose, it should be something all of the kids can get involved in. Set aside a few books or magazines, though, so that any child who doesn’t feel comfortable with the activity can sit out and still not feel awkward. You don’t want the other kids in the playground to think your child doesn’t look after their guests!

Spoil them with some tasty food

Pizzas…. Yes, you can do them, but they’re a bit old hat. Why not go for something that bit more lavish and pamper their palates? It’s not a sleepover if there’s no popcorn, but you can add that little bit of luxury and add some homemade toffee as an accompaniment. Another option would be to make some chocolate or strawberry pancakes.

On the savoury side, you could make some delicious tacos and let the kids choose their own ingredients. Provide the classic ingredients but also some more unusual ones, such as pineapple (controversial but feasible), barbecued chicken or pork. Remember they’re kids, though, so go easy on any spicy sauces. You don’t want them returning from the sleepover with a bad stomach — nor do you want an angry parent turning up at your door.

Make it easy for them to take pictures

Sometimes even young children have mobile phones these days, but don’t just assume they do. Sleepovers are a tremendous laugh and they’ll want to take pictures, so provide some tools for the job in case they don’t have mobile phone access. You don’t have to lend them your phone, necessarily. Have a look around and see if you can find an old digital camera they can use for the night. Oh and don’t ask to see the pictures! They won’t like it. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (even if that Vegas is your house!).

You don’t have to take kids to a fancy hotel to make them feel as if they’re on an adventure. You can create the adventure for them in your home, by letting them hold a truly awesome sleepover. If you have bunk beds, so much the better to make the sleeping arrangements easier. Implement the tips above and your kids and their friends will have the ultimate sleepover experience at your place, a win for you and happy memories for them.