2019 House Improvements Trends

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2019 is underway and the world keeps on evolving as it always does. With each New Year, there would obviously be the hottest new trends in almost all spheres of life. One such category would no doubt be in home improvements.

Improving the home is always going to be at the top of the minds of anyone who has property. This combined with the coming of new technology such as Porch alarm systems would thus mean that home improvements trends would only get better with time. For this reason, we are bringing you the hottest house improvement trends which are breaking the internet.



Long gone are the days when people were clueless about what to do when they had repairs. In the United States alone, almost a ¼ of residents have reported that they fixed repairs  all by themselves. This was expected as many people have embraced the technology and information which the internet brings. It only takes a Google search to learn how to fix any issues at home. We are truly living in a global age.


Remodeling is the New Gold

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Since 2011, the rise of the remodeling work has been seen. This rise does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. In fact, experts at HIRI anticipate that most remodeling work which is going right now could even last well into 2021. There are many factors which increases the rise of the remodeling scheme. One factor is the rising cost of properties.

People no longer see the use of getting up and buying a more expensive building. It is also quite difficult to see construction in some parts of the country. Why move then if you can simply remodel?

Remodeling is important in their old property as many items which were used to build homes would become old and outdated with the passing of time.


Smart Home Systems

Another trend which you would be likely to see burst to life in home improvements is the smart home system. One of the biggest benefits of this system is its ability to save cost. While running on less energy, it has the ability to improve the security of your home. It can also ensure that some household tasks are started automatically. (more about it on this page: https://porch.com/advice/best-home-security-system)

Its smart TV feature is yet another advantage as it takes the world of entertainment to a whole new level. Most of the smart home systems can even be controlled through your smartphone. With the coming of features such as Alexa from Amazon, 2019 promises to be a fantastic year for the smart home systems.


Accent Walls

The accent walls are slowly becoming a trend especially in the world of decorative walls. They are just something beautiful about them. They add a unique look to the room. They also bring dynamism and energy into the look of the room. Accent walls are usually combined with the wallpaper installations. When these two are combined effectively, the combination can be quite deadly, to say the least.


The Return of the Home Offices

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There is no doubt that the most comfortable place to work is your home. Thus, with the new technology and advancement that allow people to work from home, there is no surprise that home offices are slowly coming back.

Home offices often look quite elegant and beautiful. This is due to the decorative nature of such home office. Most of the things which would be present in home offices would include a chair, green scenery and so much. Home offices provide highly talented professionals with a wonderful working environment. This would see them strive in whatever work they have to do.


The Ceiling Treatments

There is no way in the world that a home construction or improvements would be deemed complete without the presence of ceilings. One of the major aspects or type of ceilings right now is a high ceiling. There is this elegant yet simple look which they bring with them.

Also using the unique ceiling treatments can also change a lot of things in your home. With the luxurious look from the high ceiling and the beautiful look from the unique ceiling treatments, you can be assured that your 2019 would be a year of remarkable things when it comes to home improvements.


Home improvements are a wonderful way to step up in your house in 2019 and boy should you take these improvements. With DIY and other things such as the accent walls and high ceilings becoming popular once again, it would be an amazing time to experiment with your home improvements.

One way to do this is to remodel your home. Remodeling, however, takes a lot of time and planning. Thus, do not jump into it if you are not ready for what it entails. However, home improvement trends would only get better this year. It would be a shame to miss out on it.