This Poolside Water Slide From Walmart Will Turn Your Pool Into A Mini Water Park!

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intex waterslide1

For roughly $100 you can add this inflatable water slide to your back yard pool and save yourself a trip to the water park…maybe not completely…but a few trips at least! 🙂

Simply attach your garden hose to the built in connection and the slide’s sprayer will spring into action, ensuring riders have a slippery slope to fly down!


The slide itself is called the ‘Kool Splash Water Slide’ and it is made by Intex. The slide can be purchased at numerous places. For a list of places and prices, you can click HERE.

Walmart carries them so they should be easy to get! 

slide 2  

Not a bad little addition to the backyard I’d say! Looks like the kids will have a blast…even the adults!


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