Using Just 3 Playing Cards, Magician Will Have You Seeing…But Not Believing.

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Magician and mind-reader Lior Suchard recently shared a video where he performed a baffling magic trick using just three playing cards.

Suchard performed the trick in private setting and completely blew the minds of those watching. I doesn’t matter how slow or fast Suchard performed the same trick, it was completely hard to follow and incredibly smooth.

The trick follows a rule that many scam artists use in order to obtain bets from patrons. This age old trick is still performed on street corners all around the world where pedestrians will place bets on guessing where the ‘right’ card is positioned.

Slight of hand, confusing, fast hand motions and distractions allow the trick performer to always know where the ‘right’ card is and most often times the better is mislead into thinking they know where the ‘right’ card is.