16-Year-Old BMX Biker Fights Off Security To Pull Off Epic Trick

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Sometimes you have to do what you have to do in order to land that perfect trick.

16-year-old Justin Gautreau aka LIL JUICE traveled quite a ways in order to land the perfect trick. While Justin and his bmx crew ‘CultCrew’ were filming, a security guard rolled up in her golf cart and ordered the crew to leave.

The crew knew they needed just one more shot at landing the perfect trick they traveled so far to get and they were not about to let a security guard get in the way of that shot.

Check out what happens in the video below. We certainly do not condone fighting authority, but this kid was simply trying to perform a trick. Let’s face it, these kids could be doing a lot worse in life. They were not hurting the property, doing drugs or being unruly…so in our opinion…just let the kids do the damn trick and move on!

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