Top Tips for Travelling in The Wilderness

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Standing alone on a mountaintop feels like you are on top of the world.

Travelling to the most remote destinations is always an adventure. The feeling of being alone in the wilderness is a little too scary for some, but for the born explorer, there’s nothing that comes close. Whether it’s a barren desert, a snowcapped mountain or a windswept shoreline, being at one with nature is the best feeling in the world. Of course, reaching these far flung places comes with its own challenges; travel can be unpredictable and slow, weather conditions can be unforgiving and language barriers can make it hard to get to where you want to go. Thankfully we live in an age where technology can help us prepare ourselves for most of these problems.

Download an Arsenal of Apps for Downtime

One thing that rural travellers quickly learn is that not all airports, ferry ports or bus stations have wifi. When you’re waiting for your connection with nothing to do, then the minutes feel like hours. Fortunately, with just a little forward thinking, you can be totally prepared for even the most boring of stopovers. Invest a little time into downloading an arsenal of apps to have at your disposal (and make sure you bring a power pack charger with you).

Apps that can be quick to play are usually a good bet for travellers, as you could be called to board at any minute. Online casino sites such as Coral often offer bonuses to new members, which can be used on apps in times like these. Games such as blackjack, roulette and poker will certainly keep you entertained on your travelling pauses, as they’re exciting and quick to play.

Similarly, word games are a popular choice for travellers as, like casino apps, they’re also quick to play. Wordscapes is a great choice, as it’s free to play and the first few levels are easy to breeze through. Once you get to the harder levels, you’ll really have to start rummaging through your vocabulary to pick out the right words to fit the puzzle. A brainteaser of this sort really helps the time to pass more quickly.

Learn Some Important Phrases

If you know you’re travelling to a very remote area where the native language isn’t your own, then the chances are you’re going to need to get to know some of the lingo. There are a handful of apps which promise to teach you key phrases in various languages, but the one that gets the most positive reviews is Duolingo. The program has been around for a long time, so they’ve had lots of time to iron out the glitches and make the learning experience loads of fun.

The course is intended to help you learn the language in a natural way, as a child would. You begin by matching pictures to words, then slowly with your new vocabulary you’ll learn to form sentences, then to say them out loud and to recognise words when you hear them. The format is simple to use and the games are interesting enough to keep you excited for your daily practice. They also offer the courses on a computer, so if you’re a phone free kind of person then you’re catered for as well.

Get Yourself a Safety Net

Travelling on your own can be dangerous wherever you are, but it’s especially risky when you’re literally in the middle of nowhere. Ensuring that you have a safety net is one of the most comforting things you can do for both you and your family. There are plenty of ways that people find to let the people back home know that they’re safe, but if for whatever reason you’re unreachable, there’s a handy tool that will help put families’ minds at rest. Find My Friend is an app made by Apple themselves, which allows a chosen person to quite literally track your phone.

Although texting can be a great way of communicating your location, and there are services such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger which allow you to share very precise locations, if for some reason you can’t use your phone, this app does that for you. Whilst usually the situation never occurs, if you were to get into a predicament, it’s really comforting for everybody to know that they’d be able to pinpoint exactly where you were and send help to find you.

Prepare Yourself With the Right Gear

Sure sandals are cute on the beach back home, but for a desert, you’re going to need hiking boots.

This part will depend a whole lot on where you’re going, so we won’t get too specialised, but let’s assume that you’re probably going to be backpacking. Your favourite trainers or sandals might seem comfortable at home, but out in the desert or halfway up a mountain, you’re going to want something more substantial. The shoes that you choose are going to be absolutely vital to the success of your trip, so make sure to pick a sturdy walking boot and take a good couple of months to really break them in before you set off on your trip. Sure, walking boots aren’t the sexiest, but they’re infinitely sexier than walking around with a black toenail or horrendous blisters.

Next up, is your backpack. Cute beaded leather backpacks are pretty and girly and perfect for summer on the beach, but you’re going to want something sturdier for this adventure. Choose a brand that’s known for its durability and also, choose a size that reflects the length of your trip. It can be seriously tempting to pack all of your cutest clothes for those Instagram shots, but in reality, it’s just extra weight that you’re going to have to carry around. Be sure to prioritise your packing, with essentials like phone, charger, passport, camera, sun cream, toothbrush and paste and then fit your clothing in around it. Remember that rolling rather than folding is a simple tip that does wonders for space saving.

Finally, remember to get excited about your trip. Although travelling in the wilderness can seem a little scary, this could be the biggest adventure of your life! Being prepared will be your biggest asset and is the best thing you can possibly do to ensure that your adventure is one to remember – for all the right reasons.