What Are The Benefits Offered By International Travel Insurance?

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International Travel Insurance – How it helps?

A lot of time and effort goes while planning a perfect vacation, but most of the travelers tend to overlook the benefits of buying a good travel insurance policy. In a strange land, travelers are more vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances, and there is no sure way to prevent such untoward perils from taking place. A travel insurance policy cannot prevent any such uncertainties, but it can offer consolation including monetary compensation that proves to be very useful in certain situations. For both domestic and international travel, you would need to safeguard yourself by getting insured.

Your insurer would reimburse you in cases of trip delays or disruption, flight cancellation or delays, bodily injuries during travel, legal liabilities, medical expenses or financial emergencies abroad. This would also cover any loss of checked baggage, passport or visa. All these things can ruin any well-planned travel. Whether you are going for a personal trip or for a work requirement, you deserve to stay safe and protected even overseas. So, to avoid such extreme situations, it’s advisable that you buy overseas travel insurance online with ease and convenience.

You can select from various travel insurance policies as per your travel requirements, namely – student overseas travel insurance, family insurance, corporate insurance, senior citizen insurance, international travel insurance, domestic travel insurance, medical travel insurance, individual or group travel insurance and single or multi trip insurance.

Major Benefits of International Travel Insurance 

  • Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Trip Cancellation Cover
  • International Travel Assistance
  • Emergency Evacuation for Medical Purposes
  • Passport and Baggage Cover
  • Loss of Money Cover
  • Corporate Assistance in a Foreign Land
  • Identity Theft Cover

What is covered under an International Travel Insurance Policy?

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Under any unforeseen circumstances arising during your trip, the insurer will offer compensation for the following expenses:

  • If there is an event of sudden illness, physical injury or even death in extreme cases, then cost incurred on medical emergencies would be borne by your insurer
  • Expenses on medical evacuation to the national country, in this case from your international destination to India
  • Compensation for expenditure on cremation or transportation of the dead body, in accidental cases
  • Minor dental treatment, only in accidental cases or physical injuries
  • Any accidental injury which has happened during your travel
  • If traveling by public transport, any damage or loss due to sudden death or any disability would be covered
  • Fees incurred while getting a duplicate passport, in case of lost passport or theft
  • Loss due to theft or misplacement of checked baggage
  • If your flight is delayed by more than 12 hours, due to any natural calamity, medical emergency, employment issues or airline malfunction, then the expenses incurred during that period can be claimed
  • Reimbursement of the cost incurred on missing a delayed connecting flight ( if the delay is for more than 3 hours)
  • A family member who has come to visit you abroad, but you happen to be hospitalized for more than a week, all of a sudden, the insurer would reimburse for their travel tickets
  • Third party insurance cover for any loss or damage done to a third person from your end
  • Availability of emergency cash funds, in case of theft or baggage loss
  • You can claim for any loss due to a burglary at your home, in your absence
  • Hijack allowance if troubled for more than 12 hours
  • Repatriation cover


Who can buy an International Travel Insurance Policy?

Anyone can be insured under these policies, but it’s important to consider below-mentioned criteria’s before issuing it.  In most of the plans, this is the limit, but you can check at the time of purchase. In most of the plans, this is the limit, but you can check at the time of purchase.

  • The age limit is 3 months to 60 years for individual or family overseas insurance policy
  • Only 4 family members can be insured under the family overseas insurance plan
  • These members can be your spouse, your children below 21 years of age or dependent
  • You can either get your entire family assured under a common amount or keep a particular amount for each of the insured members

What is covered under an Overseas Travel Insurance Policy?

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Along with the benefits, there are a set of limitations that come along, and it is imperative for you to be aware of them before going on the trip. It can also vary from one insurance provider to another, and some of the common limitations are mentioned below –

  • ​Loss or damage in a war zone or nuclear-threatened area
  • If you have not declared any pre-existing diseases to your insurer in advance, especially if you are above the age of 70 years, you are not eligible to claim
  • If there is any suicidal attempt, injuries due to a medical disorder or under the intoxication of drugs or alcohol
  • HIV and AIDS patients are not covered
  • Traveling without the consent of your doctor or if you are traveling for the purpose of medical treatment abroad
  • Failure to report about loss passport or visa within 24 hours of theft or loss

In a Nutshell

Every person who is looking to buy overseas travel insurance online must know that the above-mentioned features are bound to be indicative in nature, so it’s recommended to read all the policy inclusion, exclusions, terms and conditions to make an informed decision. Also, every insurance company has a different set of inclusions and limitations. You must consider these provisions and then select the best one, meeting your requirements.