All The Information You Need About State-Funded Rehabilitation Centers And Their Program Options

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Addiction is a very serious issue for millions all over the world. This may include addiction to drugs, alcohol and other battles with substance abuse that affects the user and people around them. Their sense of reality can get distorted and their destructive behavior will destroy relationships and lives.

While everyone’s reaction would be to immediately say “put them in rehab,” these sensitive situations aren’t always seen in black and white. Checking into a rehabilitation facility can be very expensive – especially for those that are surviving on lower incomes. Both in-patient and out-patient programs in a private facility can easily cost over thousands of dollars per month. This is one of the main reasons why people who are actively seeking assistance don’t get any help – because they can’t afford it.

Thankfully, there are various state funded rehabilitation programs that are available for a lower amount because of government subsidiaries. These facilities can help improve the lives of t hose who are living with more modest means yet want to seek help.

State-funded rehabilitation centers are known to be the alternative option for affordable treatment for those that are suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction. Every state is given an amount assigned to rehabilitation to help their residents improve and change their lives. This budget covers therapy sessions, detox treatments, in-patient programs, out-patient programs, 12-step programs and post-treatment activities.

For those that are wanting to improve their lives drastically and make a change, they can go to centers that are on a list of state-approved locations. When they have chosen their desired location, they should contact this center directly in order to get more information of the processes of their different offered programs. It doesn’t matter whether they don’t have any insurance that will cover the payments, everyone can still qualify for some form of help.  Having a one-on-one consultation will happen after the information process which will ascertain the specific needs of every person and what program would suit them best.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides a filtration system where anybody can easily access the locations of all the state-ran treatment centers. Although some of these rehabilitation centers do have waiting lists that can last years, SAMHSA makes sure to account and provide support for all those that are in immediate need of help. They also offer grants for different programs that can be seen on their website

How does one qualify for any of these programs available? Once you speak to a representative of your chosen center, they will be able to tell you whether you indeed qualify for the services of the state-funded treatment rehabilitations. They will also be able to tell the options you have for checking yourself or your loved one in a program. Many of the terms of qualifications rely on the following information of the patient:

1] The income level of the individual or family.

2] The exact location of the primary residence of the individual.

3] The level and type of addiction of the individual.

These are all contributing factors on how one’s personal case will be strengthened or weakened to receive state-funded help. Please see help immediately if you are battling substance abuse, or know someone who is.