‘Trolley Bags’ Are About To Revolutionize The Way You Grocery Shop!

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They are called ‘Trolley Bags’ and they are about to become your best friend when it comes to grocery shopping!

The trolley bags are reusable, eco-friendly bags that allow you to sort your groceries the way ‘you’ like it! The bags are currently being distributed out of New Zealand and Australia, and only ship to the UK. You can purchase them HERE! Keep an eye out on Amazon.com and Ebay as they should be sold via those outlets soon!


While shopping, the bags can simply be carried or attached to the shopping cart. Fill your cart with groceries as you normally would. Once at the register and your cart is empty, place the Trolley Bags on top of the cart and roll them out with ease. You are now able to sort your groceries into individual bags the way ‘you’ want them sorted!

When you get to your vehicle, the bags separate for easy handling, carrying and loading.

Check out the video, they are super cool!

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