With A Simple Twist Of This Pepper Shaker All Cellphones, Tablets And TV’s Get Shut Off

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Technology is creating more and more issues when it comes to the actual “quality” of quality family time, especially dinnertime. Dinnertime used to be about catching up on everyone’s day, finding out what the kids did in school and so on and so forth.  Times have surely changed. With tablets, cell phones, iPods and tv’s at children’s disposals, dinnertime can be more of a pain rather than a nice time with the family, that was until a company called Dolmino came along.

There invention may look like your everyday pepper mill, but the one in the Australian sauce company’s commercial is much more. As demonstrated in the video, giving the pepper mill a twist shuts down TVs, smartphones and access to the Internet in the nearby vicinity. Now how’s that for awesome!

This product isn’t currently available to the public just yet, but their experiment with this product was to start conversation, to see if it is something that the public would use. I know I would love one of these in our household!

Source : Youtube